Deep Dreaming

Jul 14, 2015 in computers, photos

So I may have become a little bit obsessed with Google’s new Deep Dream hallucination algorithm. As I understand it, they use their image-recognition algorithm and make it enhance the features that it thinks it sees. Then, they run the new image back through the algorithm several more times, so that those features become amplified even more. However, the features that it thinks it sees tend not to correspond to actual features of the image, leading to hilarious/terrifying results.

Google has set up a repository for it on Github, but I couldn’t figure out how to set it up. So I thought that was the end of it. Until! I found out that there is a website that will process images for you! This was a very exciting development, so of course I had to go process some of my own pictures.

Here is a picture of one of our cats, Clyde:

Clyde Original
Here is that very same picture, mangled by Deep Dream:
Clyde Trippy
He seems to have grown several extra legs.

Here’s a nice relaxing scene of a cliff by the ocean…

…or is it a collection of bird-horse-lizard-dogs next to a blue sea full of eyes?
Cliff Trippy

Here’s a Voodoo Donut (already kind of a weird thing):

Voodoo Donut Voodoo Donut Trippy
(As you can see, nothing happened to its actual eyes, but it has acquired several sets of eyes on its arms and chest. As well as a few tiny legs.)

Here’s Clyde again, but using a different filter:

Clyde 2 Botanical Clyde
This thing really likes eyes, doesn’t it?

Finally, I wondered what it would do to non-photo images. I fed it one of my screenshots from Monument Valley that I posted in the last post.

Monument Valley Trippy Valley
I guess the answer to “what does it do if you give it something that’s not a photo?” is “exactly the same thing that it does to everything else.”

Anyway, back to business as usual, I guess. If you want to make your own Deep Dream images, you can use the nice website at Have fun!